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The Gaming Industry has seen an enormous growth in the last few years.

An average growth of 12% per year makes the industry an absolute high-flyer. At well over $ 150 billion, it is larger than the Hollywood and the music industries combined.

The customer base is no longer just children and teens. The average gamer is approx. 40 years old and as a result, also has strong purchasing power. The segment of gaming peripherals is growing particularly strongly, i.e. headsets, mice, keyboards but also accessories for the latest generation of consoles, hardware and monitors. 

Based on these trends, we'd like to offer to you and your customers the following:

QPAD offers the gaming world high-quality premium equipment that gives esports enthusiasts, and casual gamers all over the world a decisive advantage.

2019 was the year of the big comeback of the legendary eSports hardware brand QPAD. Acquired by Darfon Electronics, the world's leading manufacturer of laptop keyboards, with more than 25 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of keyboards and mice, QPAD will be stronger than ever. All QPAD products will share the same legacy: a passion for games and a real commitment to the gaming and esports community. 

RAPTOR-GAMING stands for innovative pro-gamer products with its finger on the pulse of time. Thanks to the close cooperation and involvement of professional gamers in the development of the products, Raptor-Gaming manages again and again to be one step ahead of its competition and to set new industry standards for gaming products.

The new next-gen consoles Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch OLED have inspired Raptor gaming, to develop accessories for this extremely interesting segment.

VIPER-GAMING is a gaming brand owned by Patriot Memory Inc. one of the world's leading providers of power memories, solid state drives (SSDs) and flash storage solutions. Viper-Gaming was founded in 2007 with the introduction of the well-known, first-class computer memory line, the Viper Gaming brand has become synonymous with performance and reliability amongst gamers worldwide.

In 2015, Viper Gaming decided to expand its product range, including gaming keyboards, headsets and mice. Entry-level, middle-class and high-end solutions with extensive functions can now be offered. Viper-Gaming's award-winning peripherals offer gamers everywhere the best value for money and the best reliability that enables any Viper gamer to dominate their game.

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